In 2020, we have installed in our private parking 5 charging stations for electric cars, which are complimentary for our guests.


Are you planning a tour of Sardinia with your electric car?

in Alghero, your choice is Hotel Florida!

Hotel Florida is constantly committed to guaranteeing excellent service, without compromising the precious natural resources of our territory.

Over the years we have operated as a body protecting the environment, respecting local traditions and cultures, conserving and promoting biodiversity, responsibly managing waste, electricity and water consumption, with the ultimate goal of carrying forward our idea of eco-friendly hotel.

Sostenibilità ambientale

We promote the local community by encouraging our guests to visit the treasures of our territory, the places of interest, exploring local food and traditions. We support conscientious and attentive tourism in order to protect the environment.

Preserving the traditions and culture of the territory is of fundamental importance to improve and support the quality of life of local people and businesses

Hotel sostenibilità
Travelife_Gold_Hotel Florida


In 2017, we joined the Travelife sustainability system, an initiative dedicated to promoting sustainable tourism practices.


Hotel Florida is currently the only hotel in Sardinia to have obtained the Gold certificate, and one of the 9 hotels in the whole Italian territory.

Turismo sostenibile


In the city where the sun stops longer, it would have been a mistake not to take advantage of the clean and renewable energy that it supplies us daily.


In 2019 we installed 200 solar panels that will allow us to move definitively from fossil fuels to an autonomous future that shines brightly.

Hotel Florida Alghero