The historical center

Alghero is known as the Catalan city of Italy and is called by the Catalans the Barceloneta de Sardegna .


Alghero was founded in the early years of the 22nd century by the most powerful family of Genoa, the Dorias, who decided to fortify the city to defend it from the continuous Pisan and Saracen raids.


Due to its strategic position, Alghero played a very coveted role in the businesses that took place within the Mediterranean Sea .

The city remained under the Doria until 1353 , until the Aragonese defeated the Genoese in a naval battle and dominated it for four centuries.


Since 1354 the city has been occupied by the Catalan-Aragonese, who restored and expanded the defensive system.

However, most of the fortifications visible today date back to the 16th century and were built by the express will of Ferdinand the Catholic who, considering the defensive structures in conditions of degradation such as to no longer guarantee the protection of the city, ordered its reconstruction.


Today, along the defensive walls of the city there are 7 towers and 3 fortresses .


The historic center , compact and easy to walk around, is divided into three main areas along the ramparts. Its labyrinthine alleys and lively squares with honey-colored walls that soften the architecture will make you fall in love with Alghero at first sight.

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Passeggiata Busquets

Piazza Civica

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