The museums of the city of Alghero show a historical excursus between the tradition of the Sardinian people and the land that has hosted it since ancient times.


Among the most important museums there is the Archaeological Museum , located in via Carlo Alberto, which preserves the oldest evidence of man's presence in the area, from the proto-historical period to the Nuragic era.


The Coral Museum , located in the center of the city, which tells the story of the Mediterranean Sea through the precious coral.


The great majority of museums in the area are open-air , and are the renowned Nuraghe .


An unmissable experience is, in fact, a visit to the Nuragic Complex of Palmavera , one of the most important and significant sites that the Nuragic civilization has built on the island.

Dating back to around 4,000 years ago, the complex is part of the approximately 8,000 nuraghe of Sardinia, which will lead you towards a real journey through time.

Not to be missed!

Museo del Corallo

Nuraghe Palmavera

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