If there is one thing that Sardinia is famous for all over the world, it is undoubtedly the splendor of its beaches.


In the city of Alghero, starting from Lido San Giovanni and along the entire coast, we can find many coasts characterized by stretches of fine sand and crystal clear water that have nothing to envy to the well-known Caribbean beauties.


Among breathtaking landscapes , expanses of lush and unspoiled nature, mysterious sea beds and rocky complexes that plunge into the sea, the city of Alghero is certainly one of the most popular destinations for tourists.


Although the coasts of the Riviera del Corallo are very well known, there are many small coves that are just waiting to be discovered ...

Not to be missed!

San Giovanni Lido

Spiaggia di Maria Pia

Spiaggia Maria Pia

Spiaggia delle Bombarde

Spiaggia del Lazzaretto

Spiaggia di Mugoni

Spiaggia di Porto Ferro

Spiaggia di Stintino (La Pelosa)

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