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Alghero is a city immersed in another era in which architecture and historical signs meet with still unspoiled nature.


After visiting the historic center and discovering its wonders, the time has come to dive into the natural beauty that surrounds the city and thus begin the adventure.


There are numerous activities that you can do while staying in Alghero. Among the most important is the visit to the promontory of Capo Caccia .

The promontory has an impressive height and falls overhanging the clear waters of the Capo Caccia and Porto Conte Marine Protected Area .

Here you can visit the famous Caves of Neptune , where you can admire its wonderful formations of stalagmites and stalactites.


The Caves can be reached by sea via a ferry that departs from the Port of Alghero and by land via the Escala del Cabirol (roe deer staircase) consisting of 654 steps that offer a breathtaking view up to the entrance of the caves.


Numerous boats depart from the Port of Alghero for excursions and trips along the coast of Alghero.

Always from the Port you can rent small boats to be able to independently visit the marine wonders of the area.


For diving lovers, there are numerous diving centers that offer diving school services, guided dives and equipment rental.


Among the daily excursions, visits to the Asinara Island , the small town of Bosa and the Porto Conte Protected Park are noteworthy.

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Grotte di Nettuno

Gite in barca / Diving

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